Essential Extended Readings

A collection of my personal favourite resources on all things Keto.

KetoNutrition: Practical Information on Ketogenic Diets and Metabolic Therapies

This is a personal blog of Dr Dominic D’Agostino.  D’Agostino is an Assistant Professor at the University of South Florida College Of Medicine, Molecular Pharmacology & Physiology. His department at the University of South Florida studies all things Keto. He’s also doing research for the Institute For Human and Machine Cognition. He’s helping the Navy Seals, US Department of Defence, NASA, and others study the effects of ketosis for specific scenarios. He develops and tests metabolic therapies, including alternative energy substrates and ketogenic agents for neurological disorders, cancer and wound healing. While studying the effects of gases on the brains of Navy Seal divers, he developed an approach for metabolically starving cancer cells through diet and compressed oxygen, replacing chemotherapy, surgery, or radiation. He is the master brain behind the new Keto supplements and Keto products to make the Ketogenic Diet easier to follow.

Cancer as a Metabolic Disease: On the Origin, Management, and Prevention of Cancer

51j40awrldl-_sx310_bo1204203200_Written by Thomas N. Seyfried, this is truly the most important book about cancer cell metabolism and presents compelling evidence that cancer is a metabolic disease (NOT a genetic disease). Because cancer cells are fueled by glucose and lack the ability to derive energy from ketones due to mitochondrial defects. Metabolic therapies exploit the mitochondrial defects associated with cancer by targeting glucose metabolism, reducing insulin and elevating ketones. These therapies are simple and include “therapeutic fasting”, calorie restricted ketogenic diets and relatively cheap and safe drugs that target glycolysis, insulin and other cancer-specific metabolic pathways.