Keto & my sugar addiction

Just a little less than 6 months ago, my typical morning routine would be a slice of banana bread (seemingly potassium rich) with a long black coffee. Or two. Sometimes I would go for a ‘healthier’ blueberry oatmeal muffin.

By 11 am, I would have usually started to feel hungry and simultaneously feel guilty for feeling hungry. So I’d opt for a small treat, a muesli bar or the smaller piece of caramel slice with my coffee.

It was customary for me to go from a sugary high to a lethargic low.

So by lunch time, I really needed to refuel. I’d go to the food court and get a ‘healthy’ salad with fat-free dressings or a pack of sushi. I was conscious of eating as little as I could to avoid any protein and fat because they would make me gain weight. But every time I ate, I had to have something sweet (and small) to finish my meal.

Then I would find myself stuck in an afternoon energy slump. Something I would get a pounding headache. And often, I was just in a foul mood.

I was always craving sugary things.

My brain tended to get foggy, especially after a meal.

I would feel sluggish throughout the day.

My skin wouldn’t stop breaking out.

I was moody and restless.

I had difficulty sleeping.

I had been putting on some weight.

I was getting sick a lot, fighting one cold after another.

But 6 months ago, I had no idea how actually I didn’t have to feel this way. Well, I had no idea how addicted to sugar I was.

It took me a good week of fanatic Googling and learning for me to have the solid understanding of the connection between sugar and weight gain and health. I was shocked at how much sugar (through carbohydrates) I was consuming on a daily basis.

Once I was convinced that sugar was bad, I was ready to quit.

I went totally cold-turkey.

Honestly, 6 months after the transition, I could no longer recall the difficulty. I did it.

Every one of us is very different, and people react differently to the sugar detox process. I don’t have many tips to share other than to stay committed and don’t give in. Load up more fat. My trick is Parmesan cheese with grass-fed butter on top. It is delicious and satiating.

Sugar addiction is not permanent. At all.

Every one of us needs to hear how to choose healthy food and how to avoid processed fats and sugars.


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