“What are you supposed to do when doctors can’t find what’s wrong with you?”

When my partner Paul fell ill, we were forced to face a terrible dilemma.

“What are you supposed to do when doctors can’t find what’s wrong with you?”

We saw many doctors and specialists. Paul did every medical test known to mankind – usually more than one time, but nothing was able to find anything to explain his symptoms.

No bowel cancer. No diverticulitis. No colitis or inflammatory bowel disease. No ischaemic bowel. No torsion or ruptured cysts. No uterine cancer or fibroids. No testicular torsion. Nil incarcerated hernias. No leukaemia or lymphoma. No kidney stones or cancer. No ectopic pregnancies. Nil abscesses, haemorrhages or haematomas. No aneurysms or dissections.

Instead of jumping for joy, we sank further into confusion and despair. All we knew was that he just got sicker and sicker.

Paul was wrestling with a phantom… A chronic illness… something that ate away his self-confidence and soon a sense of hope in the future.

The problem was that we were asking a very different question than our doctors were trying to answer.

We wanted to know what was wrong. We wanted someone to explain the pain. We wanted a label. We wanted a cure.

However, the doctors were NOT trying to answer the same question. They were searching for something they can fix. While diagnosis is an important part of medicine, the doctors need a diagnosis is because it dictates treatment. 

This difference is subtle, but it is a crucial one.

The paranoia deepened when we started to question whether we were sitting in the right office. A Gastroenterologist looked at the gastrointestinal tract. A Urologist looked at the urinary tract. A Haematologist looked at the blood and bone marrow. The current medical system separates a person into body parts, treating each part individually with an FDA-approved drug or surgery.

The predominant medical approach has been to focus on lab tests, medication and surgery.

Where will it end? What is the diagnosis that we are chasing after all?

Inevitably, we also turned to alternative medicine doctors. In a vain attempt to identify the underlying cause of these overwhelming symptoms, MORE expensive lab tests were done to dig into the minutia of genetic mutations, hair tissue mineral analysis, hormone testing, amino acid analysis, and vitamin and mineral blood tests. Most testing is not reproducible and is inaccurate and confusing, leading to recommendations for ineffective and expensive supplementation. 

The only honest answer and also a frightening reality for these syndromes is that “We don’t know and we probably will never know.”

On top of all the symptoms, Paul had also started to develop some toxic reaction from prescription medications and taking too many supplements because we were desperate for an answer.

Finally, there came a turning point. Instead of a never-ending search for a diagnosis, we started asking “How can we better manage the symptoms?

Forget about finding the cause and just focus on trying to alleviate the suffering. Back to the basics. 

We turned to care.

We turned to nutrition.

We turned to diet.

We turned to attending the basic needs of the body for function, and they are good mineral nutrition, gentle detox, and a diet that stabilises blood sugar and minimises inflammation. 

Soon, we discovered Ketogenic Diet (AKA Keto), a low carbohydrate diet that is ignored or relegated by mainstream medicine, whether by design or neglect.

Understanding the science behind Keto has inspired us to think more carefully about sugars and starches in our diet, and empowered us with essential knowledge to make wiser choices when it comes to care and nutrition.

Throughout our journey, no immediate doctors nor specialists nor Naturopathic practitioners had discussed nutrition and diet with us, even when the topic was brought up during the consultation. No health professionals asked the simple and obvious question: what are you putting into your body every single day?

Today, we know well that nutrition and diet are at the heart of good health and all these dramatic and positive improvements that we are experiencing. What we eat helps our bodies either run better and more efficiently or malfunction. Diet and nutrition will take us either on the path to wellness or on the path to disease. 

Modern medicine is in crisis. Each one of us has the right and privilege to take control of our health. 

Honestly, it is empowering!

Keto has fundamentally changed us. So powerfully, that we are now both passionate believers in Keto and this is how this blog is born.


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