The greatest wealth is health!

We all want to be healthy. 

The fact is many of us don’t know what it really means to be healthy.

Like being thrown into the boxing ring.

Eyeing your opponent across the ring, self-confidence skyrockets, ready to knock anybody out.

You lean a little forward. You turn your hips. You throw a punch. You pull your head back at times. You slide back your head and counter. Your next punch comes even faster. 

You fight smart. You keep the distance. You control the range. 

Then suddenly, it is all your opponent’s turn, who stands and delivers a flurry of big blows, to which you couldn’t respond. Until you become unsteady on your feet.

Until you are repeatedly pushed out of position. 

Until you can no longer withstand an attack in the round. 

Until you’re just rendered totally inept. The blow leaves you unable to hear, see, or do much of anything… 


Just like boxing, health is highly individual. So you’re solely responsible for your own success — and failure.

Most of us never have a real idea of the value of health until we lose it and until one suffers defeat and the arrogance must inadvertently subside. 

When it happens, some people just curl up and give up. 

Some choose the opposite. 

I have learned so much along my personal journey of Keto transformation, and I have found myself promptly evangelising about it to everyone in earshot.

One of the hardest and frustrating things for me is as I look around, I see people – friends and loved ones – who I believe are in need of change… but they’re just unaware, not making any progress or refusing to make any changes. 

Nevertheless, I soon have also learned that I don’t know that there’s really a lot I can do without becoming the enemy to some degree. I don’t see myself having any right to go out to directly intervene in people’s life,  to just walk up to folks and say, “You know, what you’re doing there is foolish. Let me fix you.”

So what can I do about it? I ask myself.

In one sense, nothing. You can’t force other people to change. Sure, I can nag, threaten or cajole someone … but if they’re really going to change in the long-term, that impulse has to come from within them.

This blog, however, will only become powerful as one starts to express a wish to change. Then what you are about to read and learn in this blog will encourage you to find out more, and proceed with the assumption that you will be capable of making the changes that you want to.

You take a crash, and you get back up. You get stronger, and you throw a punch back. 

While you can’t force other people to change, it is even truer that you can’t stop from people wanting to change. 

I earnestly wish you all the success and support in your journey. 

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