Ketosis & Keto-Adapation

Ketosis vs. Glycolysis

A state of Glycolysis is when blood glucose provides most of the energy for your body.

On the other hand, Ketosis is a metabolic state where most of the body’s energy supply comes from ketone bodies in the blood. 

Nutritional ketosis can be understood as a survival adaptation, as your brain has only two options for fuel: glucose or ketones. Just imagine how our ancestors had survived without a continuous supply of carbs.  

So your body can switch from glucose-burning to fat-burning as both states are natural

The switch!

If you don’t eat for 24 hours, you’ll likely be in fat-burning mode.

However, this does NOT mean your body is efficiently using those fats for energy.

Your body needs to have fat-burning enzymes, to increase the number of transporters that move ketone bodies to your organs, which then increase the number of mitochondria, and ultimately improve the efficiency of the mitochondria to make energy.

As you continue to reduce and deplete your body glucose, your body needs fuel, and it has no choice but has to create more fat-burning enzymes.

Being keto-adapted means your body increases fat oxidation and is primed for fat-burning. It means you’re breaking down fat, transporting the ketones effectively to your brain and muscles, and efficiently converting those ketones into energy.

That doesn’t happen right away.

As your body stays in ketosis longer, it starts to become more keto-adapted.

Depending on your current level of carb intake, this adaptation process can take two weeks to six months to fully train your body. Once you’re adapted, your body will have enough fat-burning enzymes to fat your endurance exercise performance is back to your normal pre-carb restricted baseline whilst you become literally a “fat burning machine.”

Welcome to the Keto Superhuman Club! You will discover more ways to eat, play and love Keto!

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