How do you know when you’re in Ketosis?


Once you reach 0.5 mmol – millimolars, a concentration of ketones bodies with low and stable levels of insulin and blood glucose, you can consider yourself lightly “in Ketosis.”

By definition, Nutritional Ketosis usually begins at 0.5 mmol and is optimised between 2.0 mmol and 3.6 mmol. This is what’s often referred to as THE ZONE.

Most people tend to feel increased mental clarity at 1 mmol or higher.

It has been widely researched that moderate ketosis, between 1 to 3 mmol, helps protect DNA from damage, among other benefits.

2. How do you measure Ketones?

Being in ketosis generates elevated levels of ketones, which are detectable in the breath, urine, and blood.

Commonly, you can get yourself some Ketone urine testing strips (like Ketostix) to test for ketones in urine. It is cheap but can be widely inaccurate as hydration and amount of time spent in ketosis may affect Ketostix results.

The best and most reliable way is to get yourself a blood glucose and ketone metre, such as Freestyle or Precision Xtra by Abbott. Most chemists would stock them.


Extended reading5 Ways to Measure Your Ketones

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